Featured - Our Workwear shirt with pocket in White Stretch Cotton, Comet Cuff by YE Jewelry,
Planner from Typo and taken on our Pale Pink Stretch Cotton Fabric


We often approach the new year with beaming optimism and tinted glasses - and sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing after all. It can provide you a new burst of confidence to approach things with a new perspective, and just as new ideas do, adding a touch of colour to your life can do so too. Starting on a clean slate is almost everyone’s dream every end of December - and we would very much love to give ourselves a new lease of life when the new year starts, and press the pause and restart button for some of our silly or unspeakable instances.

As 2019 approaches, we’re going to fill it up with more colour; starting off with pink. Although the colour is often associated as soft, feminine and overly dainty - we believe it’s more than just a baby’s colour and that there’s a nice calming effect to it. Instead of just wearing simply white, think pink - pair it with pink trousers, or accessories that will form up a palette perfect for any day.

Not only men deserve a dream tailored wardrobe, women should get to choose the sort of clothes they want to wear and say goodbye to tight fitted office shirts. Comfort is key, not only through weekends, but weekdays too. For more good cheer and starting on a pink slate, we’ve now introduced breezy new 100% Cotton Linens from Turkish mill, Soktas - a staple across custom clothing to tackle the humid heat in our sunny island.

Picture taken in Singapore (featuring pink notes) and featuring our brand new fabrics from SOKTAS Traveller series

We’ll continue to evolve and bring in new offerings as 2019 beckons, so keep your eyes peeled as we bring in more brands we love, and introduce new styles and hopefully a range of made-to-order items as we go along. Do follow us on our socials via Instagram and Facebook, and keep all your feedback coming - because our new year’s resolution is to do better, and to do it by you. Thank you for your great support and have a wonderful merry, merry new year <3

x Sheryl, 3EIGHTH

Sheryl Yeo