#FABRICPICKS 01 - Suited


Sheryl wears our suit in Orange Checked Viscose, paired with Hat from Brixton and Adidas Superstars

For most of us dealing with the sweltering heat in Singapore, it can take awhile to see how a suit can give you good mileage and be a statement piece. This rings even truer for women - who, on top of that, some times see the suit as a boring option, or a less feminine one. But I beg to differ.

I find the suit to have a charm of its own as well - and as I always say, a suit is just like modern day armour. From picking the right colour and design details, these things can shed a little like on your mood, your character and what you lean towards. Of course, no single suit is able to 100% give you diversity, just as with any single outfit - some days you’re feeling a little more classy or minimal, and then there are days you may want to go full statement mode in bright colours or fun prints. Whatever it is, you do you.


Close up on our Orange Viscose fabric

Most women tend to dismiss our “tomboyish” or more “dominant” traits as non-feminine, but I think it’s important to take pride in that - in what makes us all equal; human with character. One’s feminine outlook or sensitivity is not reflected simply through a dress, and I think being dressed in other options doesn’t make us less of who we are supposed to be. Why can’t dressing up in clothes that you like be an act of empowerment of its own, dress or no dress?

Whether it’s steering towards the classics or bright colours, I think wearing your favourite colour can give you a little boost of confidence. We’ve selected a special Orange Check in Viscose that gives it a light finish for our statement suit, and also a heavy-duty Navy Cotton that’s perfect for a dress-up or down occasion.


In our Navy Cotton Suiting - custom tailored in a Double Breasted style with Straight Cut Trousers,
paired with Uniqlo x J.W. Anderson Striped Tee

With so many options available, fabrics aplenty for you to pick from - who’s to say a suit is limited? Have your say and your own pick. So if you’re looking for the one - we make great assists, we promise.

Sheryl Yeo