Thank you one and all who came by to support us at PasarPink!

It was our first ever event that we’ve participated in and we had all sorts of feelings about this - from the nerves and then getting overwhelmed from the amount of support we’ve received in all forms. From your curiosity, words of encouragement and interest - it gives us hope that a small little business like us can afford to dream and to make bigger, better projects and designs happen.

As a form of continuing our work in up-cycling and making more meaningful impact through fashion, we also made some fabric cardholders made from fabric scraps left over from production. Although it’s not too big a step - we hope that this will help raise more awareness and understanding towards thinking about ways to utilize materials to its fullest potentials.


On top of this, we also accepted donations towards Project X Singapore for these cardholders. For those people who aren’t aware, Project X reaches out to create a fair and safe environment for people who are involved in the sex industry. We’ve also learnt that this also covers people from across all sorts of circumstances, some of them are in the trade for survival, to support their families and others who are also now learning to embrace their sexualities. There are also workers from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, and often, these issues and topics are rarely discussed. We’re glad to have started the conversations and helped to raise awareness during our time at PasarPink.

Thanks to everyone’s support - we have raised $247.85 and counting for Project X Singapore!

In fact, we are still accepting donations towards Project X until the end of June! So feel free to pop by and give us a tinker to pick your favourite colour and do our part for them.

All in all, we’re extremely thankful and loved how everyone was so encouraging. We hope to bring you more love and fun through fashion from our perspectives. If you’re looking for the suit of your dreams, then come through - we’re great assists, we promise! x

With gratitude,

Sheryl - Director and Founder of 3EIGHTH x

Sheryl Yeo