KAUSMO x 3EIGHTH: Upcycled Coasters in store now


We’ve had something in the works for awhile now with the wonderful women of Kausmo - and it is with great pleasure that we unveil our exclusive range of upcycled coasters made in partnership with these ladies.

In case you haven’t heard, Kausmo is run by female chefs Chew Shian and Lisa. Their ethos is to reduce food wastage by using perfectly good-to-use groceries. These goods are otherwise discarded by large chains and suppliers because it may not appeal to consumers due to some “imperfections” - such as its difference in sizes, or if it’s over-ripened.


Lisa on left - in our Linen Shirting in Dark Oatmeal and
Chew Shian on right in our Heavy linen Shirt Dress in Brown Earth

At Kausmo, they are all about challenging those notions and aim to create dishes from these produce, which really made us think about how we wanted to contribute back to their concept by creating something functional for their daily use. I don’t think words can fully articulate the spirit of the concept - but we’re very heartened to see that there are people who still want to make good food, and contribute back to society and smaller businesses by supporting local farmers and reducing wastage.


Food by Kausmo

What started out as a simple commission of getting uniforms done for their daily grind in the kitchen turned out to be so much more meaningful - and we’re proud to share that all the coasters used at Kausmo’s service are lovingly made in Singapore, solely from scraps of fabric left over from production runs. Now available for purchase at Kausmo at SGD 12 for a set of 4.


These coasters were made in the most efficient methods, with a quilting pattern and overlocked for a raw, simple look. They are available in a few colour wheels (that includes a light khaki linen from alterations done to the chefs’ aprons even!). Take your pick and if you have more questions, simply drop us a text so we can fill you in!


Kausmo is now open for bookings and are located here:

1 Scotts Road,
Shaw Centre, #03-07,
Singapore 228208

Sheryl Yeo