Akin to 3/8" (three eighths of an inch) used as an allowance for garment pattern drafting, 3EIGHTH aims to provide everyone - regardless of their genders or sexualities, an allowance to suit themselves.

Built upon a dream to “put every girl in a suit”, our ethos is based on fluidity and openness. We encourage women to redefine their norms, men to rethink what truly exploring their clothing options can be, and aim to provide an avenue for everyone to feel like themselves, to let a suit empower them like an armour does. After all, who’s to say a woman has to get married in a dress anyway?

At 3EIGHTH, we produce custom clothing with a twist, and source for well-made accessories and complements for them.


Our founder, Sheryl on her wedding day


What started out as an obsession to put a woman in a suit and consistently shopping in the men’s department led our founder, Sheryl to a sea change in her career. From marketing manager of a menswear firm, she underwent a tailor apprenticeship program to learn what goes behind the intricacies of menswear.

Two years on, and armed with the very same goal to suit everyone up, 3EIGHTH is a fruition of her labour, and seeks to redefine the norms for both women, men, and everyone in between. Still unconvinced? Well, suit yourself.