Nigel & Sheryl in Double-breasted Suits made with Liberty London upholstery fabric

On a cheesy day like Valentines’, there’s no denying for it being overly commercialized, but some times a good distraction from the daily grind in relationships. I’m not a huge fan, but then again I’m not going to deny that a touch of cheesiness can  be nice. Contradictory first paragraph, we know.

Instead of telling you that you’re going to get 99 roses or fold origami cranes as per society’s expected of a partner, I’m just going to take this occasion to celebrate what it simply means to love (warning, it’s only from my perspective hahah) and if you will - share your love with them. We often forget what love entails, and the definition of a perfect love also varies from person to person. We watch movies, have great expectations (funnily unrealistic at times?) and fight over silly things that really don’t deserve our fretting over. Because, well, love right?

I’ve had the luck to meet “the one” who’s given me plenty of space, and showered me what I think is an underrated form of love. Monogamy certainly has its perks - like a permanent bolster in bed that will never fail you. It's wonderful isn't it?

During our ROM ceremony in a Custom Holland & Sherry Suiting and custom KIMTHAM STUDIOS gown

During our ROM ceremony in a Custom Holland & Sherry Suiting and custom KIMTHAM STUDIOS gown


Last year, I married this said man who has seen me through the times when I couldn't even hold a needle properly, let alone sew a button, and then now supporting me on my brand new journey at 3EIGHTH. We met during our time in uni, and had the privilege of pursuing the roads less travelled. Things have not been extremely rosy, but he has been my pillar for the past years and I hope we will continue to uphold the same principles of not bringing any fights before going to bed for many more years. Nigel now works as a music composer, and of course part-time house husband to me hahah. In fact, he's composed my main sound track for my first debut campaign's video shoot:


Being together for years can either strengthen bonds, or they can simply fizzle out; there's too many aspects of being together with someone else that I cannot fathom too, but I've been #blessed with so many good moments and never thought I would actually get married this early. It somehow seemed like being in a marriage would make one feel trapped, but surprisingly so it's nothing like that - of course if you've had the luxury of loving someone so simply. Thankfully, we function like two best friends, except now with a friends forever tag that never goes away hahah.

Practicality can supersede many things - especially so as you age hahah, ever wiser they say hahah. I guess it makes you more objective at times, but some times the more irrational sides also take over. I got proposed to and finally received my first piece of proper jewelry (I was never one to wear rings) but there we go, and I kept the rings on ever since.

For our wedding celebrations, we had a little garden party at Open Farm Community to celebrate our ROM, and a banquet to honour our families and friends. Other than having a Lorde-inspired white gown and a traditional Chinese-inspired number, I've always wanted to wear matching suits for my wedding, and we had the wildest idea after watching Harry Styles on Kiwi -  flowery suits.

Harry Styles in his music video for Kiwi

Harry Styles in his music video for Kiwi


Of course the ideal was to get a crazy colour but I had to bear in mind Nigel's sensitivities towards dressing, and that certain colours won't guarantee the longevity of his suit. The process of looking for a suit that you love is never going to be easy - and this is the part that I have to admit, even as a tailor, that no single suit is going to express every ounce of your personality, but it does amplifies traits and your characteristics, just as any other piece of clothing does. I love the colour orange, but I also think I have a reserved side; and I’m sure everyone of us has that little chameleon hiding in there, varied extensions, some of which are more pronounced to different circles of friends. And the same applies with different clothing, it's going to represent your different extensions.

From top left in clockwise: Sheryl in custom DEHAN Traditional Chinese-inspired Gown, Nigel in Holland & Sherry Suiting / Sheryl in custom KIMTHAM STUDIOS / Sheryl & Nigel in Double-breasted suits, customized with upholstery fabric from Liberty London

To be honest, I'm one who cares almost too little - I'm too much of "anything goes" with most areas of preparation. They were looking out for a bridezilla but instead caught me at my “too chill” zones and they had to just push me to get proper research and work done hahah. I had a pretty backdrop made from crepe paper from scratch (!!!), a beautiful bouquet and lovely cake + decor with thanks to them. Our whole crew were so game and all wore suits, which was extremely kickass and I cannot thank them enough. It’s funny how weddings can some times unexpectedly bring out the best of friendships although I’m sure some would beg to differ hahah.


But celebrations aside, both Nigel and I have received so much love - and I find that the biggest kind of love is one where it is filled with open communication, and have fun together in our varied circles of friends without having to worry if someone else dislikes our other halves. And I celebrate my love with my friendships - because it’s the combination of both that makes my life so much more beautiful.

I'm not saying everyone has to get married to prove that love is anything but real, but most importantly, define what matters most and hold that dearly for what it means to you and your partner differs from person to person, whether you're male, female or anyone else in between.

 So if you're thinking of getting yourself the adventure of a lifetime - go and also if you're thinking of getting that matching suits with your partner, you know the drill, we promise to be great assists hahah!

 Happy 14th of February people! <3

Video shot by Robin Thang at Open Farm Community

Photos by Kahying Gan and guests of the wedding at Open Farm Community and Mariott, Tang Plaza

Sheryl Yeo